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Providing Tree Care & Maintenance Throughout The Greater Toronto Area


GTA Trees is focused on Tree Removal, Tree Pruning and Property Maintenance.

Using experienced staff, the most sophisticated equipment and the best materials, GTA Trees will ensure your tree and property needs are taken care of in a world class manner. Working in an urban setting requires the skill, care and knowledge on how to ensure your trees and property are maintained in a safe and efficient fashion.  We care about your property as much as you do and our staff will ensure our work is done to your satisfaction, that we work in a safe way and we do exactly as you have asked us to do.

Our company is fully insured, our staff is trained in the latest techniques and we are ready to serve you at your home.


At GTA Trees our specialty is to remove trees from your property. When it comes time to clear your property of a problem tree, a tree that has died, a tree that has broken and is unsafe, GTA Trees will remove the tree safely and efficiently. We work in the urban forest of Toronto and surrounding towns and we know how to carefully remove trees so as not to harm people, destroy property and ensure we are compliant with all bylaws.

With our trained staff, we know branches which should be removed and which branches must stay to ensure the health of the tree. Many homeowners need branches removed that are touching their home or others that are sure to become unsafe. At GTA Trees we will ensure we prune your tree in a safe manner that keeps the tree healthy and leaves you with a beautiful tree that is safe for you to go near.

Once we remove your tree, we will go the next step and have the stump removed.  At GTA Trees, we are not finished the job until you say you are happy- stumps are the nasty leftover that people always want removed- call us and we will get it done.

At GTA Trees we come across properties that need maintenance.  Our team will come to your property, clean it up, remove debris, cut the lawn, pull the weeds, re-sod and ensure when we leave, your property looks like new again.

Our team will provide you with ongoing lawn and garden maintenance.  We will come as often as you require to ensure your property always looks great.  Services include lawn cutting, shrub planting, weeding, aeration, planting and more.

Want to stand out from the crowd- hire GTA Trees to hang your Christmas lights to the top of your tree and then to take them down.  Our climber will ensure your property is lit up to the top of your highest tree.


At GTA Trees, we don't just have a green thumb. We have a green heart. In the tree removal industry, literally tons of organic waste is collected from people's properties - be it branches, leaves, mulch, wood chips, all of that organic waste has to go somewhere.

GTA Trees works with local artists, families and craftspeople to try to put our organic waste to good use, instead of inside the city's landfills.

Fine arts students often call us for free hard wood for carvings. Woodworkers have coordinated with us to pick up oak and other hard wood tree trunks to make all kinds of solid wood housewares.

Gardeners have called us to ask for wood chips for decoration.

And many, many people have asked us about picking up free firewood.

The possibilities are truly endless. Please send us an e-mail to arrange for free wood or wood chips. Include your name, phone number, a description of what you need, what part of town you're located in, and we'll give you a call back.

If you require a particular type of wood, we'll let you know how soon we're cutting that tree specie. Depending on how heavy the load of wood is, and how far you are from the job site, we can either arrange for a pick-up or drop-off.

Contact us for a free quote (647) 961-6533